Motion Graphics & Video

I’ve created animations for presentations, kiosks, and training for Texas Children’s Hospital, Baker Hughes, BP, and other clients. I’ve also shot, coordinated, and edited video for many clients.

Texas Children’s Hospital: Did You Know

Texas Children’s Hospital needed a motion graphic explaining the importance of security and observation in the workplace. Unfortunately, the video is internal and I can’t host it on my site.

Baker Hughes: BowTie Risk Assessment Method

This motion graphic was created as an educational tool for Baker Hughes.

Baker Hughes: What Lies Beneath video

This was a video shoot for Baker Hughes in several locations including two office buildings and an onshore oil rig. The video illustrates a possible incident that can occur when the proper safety procedures aren’t followed.

Asking for Trobils

Asking for Trobils is a board game published through Kickstarter. This is the motion graphic that I created for the project.

BP Motion Graphics

Over the years I’ve made several motion graphics for BP. Most of them are internal.

The first is a presentation video for one of BP’s national conventions. The video was displayed around the convention and named several areas of interest of the convention and their locations.

The second was an introduction to a small group in BP called CTO. It illustrated the group’s purpose and how it functioned.