Interactive Media

I started creating interactive media in 2001 using Macromedia (now Adobe) Flash. Since then I’ve used Captivate and HTML 5 for similar, interactive projects. These projects range from simple ads and marketing banners to elaborate eLearning modules and quizzes.

eLearning Modules

Some of the clients I’ve created eLearning modules for are Disney, Elsevier, Haliburton, BP, the US Army, and Baker Hughes. I’ve also created internal learning systems and training presentations for HR purposes and small businesses.

In the past I’ve used Flash and Captivate for these modules, but I am moving to HTML 5 now in order to keep with technology. I’ve always designed in modular constructions to allow easy updates and changes to the content.

Interactive Maps, Organizational Charts, and Other Media

Over the years I’ve had to create several types of media showing and explaining location and employee details. There’s always a call for clean, concise media that can give information in an elegant and modular fashion.

I’ve also designed movie players, animations, and other interactive media for presentations and kiosks.