Baker Hughes

Since 2013 I have been working directly with Baker Hughes to create banners, posters, manuals, e-newsletters, eLearning and training modules, video, and other graphic design elements.

Artificial Lift Interactive Newsletter

I designed and created the newsletter for the AI department of Bakers Hughes. The newsletter was an interactive PDF created in InDesign and distributed internally.

Upstream Process Safety eLearning Modules

I designed and created 6 different eLearning modules using Flash and Captivate focusing on the Upstream Process Safety content for oil rig employees. I also translated and rendered each of these modules in 7 different languages.

Completions End-to-End

I created several banners and flyers for the End-to-End initiative from the Completions department.

BowTie Method Motion Graphic

This motion graphic video was created to illustrate how Baker Hughes uses the BowTie Method to explain Upstream Process Safety.

Upstream Process Safety Posters

I designed many posters created to remind and educate oil rig workers about Process Safety on the job.

What Lies Beneath

This was a video shoot for Baker Hughes in several locations including two office buildings and an onshore oil rig. The video illustrates a possible incident that can occur when the proper safety procedures aren’t followed. I also translated this video for several other languages. Unfortunately, I cannot show the video publicly.