Asking for Trobils

Asking for Trobils is a published boardgame sold around the world. It is currently out of print, but a reprint with new art is due for early 2017.


The first print won the Dice Tower Seal of Excellence Award and sold out in less than a year. It was also named as the number one Family Game of the Year for 2015 by reviewer Tom Vasel. The second print will feature new art.

Game Designer, Artist, and Graphic Designer

I share the game’s design and development credits with another designer, Erin McDonald, but all art and graphic design are mine.

Other Games

Asking for Trobils isn’t my only published game as a designer or artist, but it is my most successful, for now. Other games I have designed include Evil Intent, Flipping Monsters, Zosimos, and I have several graphic design credits with other game companies for other products not yet published.


The game comes with a custom round board, 28 plastic ships I modeled in 3D, several custom wood cut pieces, and card designs and rulebook. The 7 different ship designs were one of the main attractions to the game for customers.


Asking for Trobils was originally funded through Kickstarter. I created the video for the Kickstarter campaign as well as all ads and marketing materials. I also ran the campaign and social media drive that lead to its success.